Some Different Fishing Methods To Try Out

Some Different Fishing Methods To Try Out

Feature Staff

Whenever someone thinks of fishing, they usually picture people on a boat, floating in the water and waiting patiently for fish to snag on the lure. But there are some different fishing methods to try out that offer different experiences, whether it’s an offseason trip or something more active. Know what other fishing techniques exist and discover ways to make an old hobby feel new.

Bait Fishing

The most basic and universal style of fishing, bait fishing has anglers stabbing bait through the hook at the end of the reel. Anglers then cast this hook out into the water, where it attracts the area’s local fish population.

The bait, which can include worms, maggots, vegetables, or smaller fish, tricks the waiting fish into taking a bite, where the hook pierces the side of their mouth. The anglers reel in the fish, take a photo to commemorate the moment, and either release the fish or save it to eat later.

Ice Fishing

When a lake freezes over, it does not kill the fish living below the water. The ice can only penetrate so deep; if you dig deep enough, you’ll run into the water and the fish swimming in it. Ice fishing requires anglers to cut holes straight into the frozen lakebed, creating a small opening to cast their lures.

This style of fishing allows for the sport even in the dead of winter, permitting anglers to participate in the hobby even during less-than-ideal conditions. Because of the specialized nature of ice fishing, anglers rely on a three-foot rod with a simple reel system and other customized pieces of equipment.

Fly Fishing

Fly fishing, best done during the warmer months, involves anglers wading out into the middle of a stream to cast their lines. The design of the fly rod relies on a heavier line, where it sinks below the surface without the use of bait. The sinking fly itself imitates the movement of an insect, attracting fish to bite into the hook.

Fly fishing requires more fluid movements and accuracy when casting the line, meaning that not any fishing rod will do. Aspiring fly fishers need a specialized rod to manipulate the line and attract the fish properly; otherwise, you risk scaring away the fish and not catching anything.

Give a New Method a Chance

With the different methods of fishing, there’s something new to try, whether you want to try fishing in a new location or at a different time of year. Mixing up how you approach your hobby may give you a deeper appreciation for the techniques or provide you with a fresh perspective along with the new experiences.