5 US destinations to visit if you love wildlife

5 US destinations to visit if you love wildlife

Feature Staff

If you fancy yourself a wildlife enthusiast, you’re not alone. There’s something incredible and powerful about seeing animals roam through their natural habitats. Thankfully, you don’t have to go very far in the United States to see some amazing wildlife in action. Check out these five US destinations to visit if you love wildlife.

1. Hells Canyon

For a long time, Hells Canyon was an unexplored wilderness to people out west. Explorers tried time and time again to traverse the rocky slopes and failed. But as more settlers began to move west, people began to learn more about the beauty of this region. Today, you can visit Hells Canyon and see stunning rock vistas, enjoy swimming in the Snake River, and even go fishing for sturgeon and salmon. Plus, wildlife enthusiasts should check out riverboat tours that take you up close to the animals.

2. Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone is an incredibly famous national park. It was actually the first national park created in the United States, and according to some sources, the first in the world. Yellowstone features unique rock formations and geysers, including Old Faithful. There are also tons of animals in the area, making it a must-visit destination if you enjoy wildlife.

3. Gunnison National Forest

Colorado has dozens of beautiful national parks and forests. Since it would be impossible to list all of them, we’ll pick one: Gunnison National Forest. What we love about Gunnison are the fantastic views you get from looking up at the mountain slopes and fields of wildflowers in the spring. If you’re an avid bird or butterfly watcher, this is the place to do it.

4. Black Hills National Forest

The Black Hills are among the most unique spots in the United States. Imagine miles of rounded rock formations jutting out of the tree line in clusters. There are also bears, deer, bison, sheep, and many other animals to see while you visit.

5. Santa Fe National Forest

New Mexico is another state known for its wildlife and incredible landscapes. If you love wildlife, it’s definitely one US destination you don’t want to miss. See coyotes, bears, bison, moose, and lynx in their natural environments.

We hope this list gives you plenty of ideas of where to travel on your next vacation. Make sure to plan plenty of time outdoors if you visit one of these incredible regions.